spiegel #1: „she was able to fog a mirror.“
by Hannah Goldstein & April Gertler
curated by Fabio Campagna

Opening: Friday, March 22nd, 2013, 7 pm
Exhibition: March 26 – April 12, 2013
Finissage: Thursday 11th of April, 8pm
Tuesday – Friday: 4-7pm
and by appointment: + 49 (0) 174 659 8464
CORPO 6 GALERIE Berlin / Lichtenberg
Devil&Bride (roots. electronics) Live Set 9:30 pm

she was able to fog a mirror“ is a photography site-specific project by Hannah Goldstein and April Gertler, curated by Fabio Campagna, which explores the theme of fragility and its strategic role within the delicacy of our relational dynamics.

An “organic flow” emerges throughout the pictures installed. Building up an articulated “ars combinatoria” which equilibrates the tension between the reality fragments depicted in the works. Glimpses of faces, “detritus” of urban constructions, epiphanies of the everyday life start mirroring each other. Objectifying a vital dialog. A conversation between intense forces, presences, memories and their existential drift through the contemporary urban dimension.

Hannah’s works reveal the pureness of intimacy. The quality of the „expression“ which lays, hidden, in the pleats of everyday life. April’s pictures and collages, on the other hand, examine the mechanism of identity construction having as main iconic references the imagery of the cities we are living in. A new hermeneutics operates within the “in situ” installation in order to recognize a new equilibrium.

A dialogue which defines the blurred outlines of the deity, the “eternal feminine“. An alive and empowering force. An outward / inward liminal access of energy. An infra-ordinary “black hole” which, as a concrete organism of contents, guarantees regeneration and power.

A commitment to the infinity and to the perpetuity of existence.

Fabio Campagna

SPIEGEL is a cross media project by CORPO 6 which investigates – through a collaborative dialogue between artists – the gnoseological territory focused on the friction and the convergence between the organic and the non-organic imaginary. A “mirror” of reflections, interpretations and hypothesis on reality.

“ The work of art is a place of identity”
– F. Mauri

CORPO 6 galerie is an art project by Fabio Campagna.
CORPO 6 galerie focuses, through a series of crossing media and site specific international artists projects, on the examination of functioning of identity topics within the articulation of the city. Taken as a symbolical, political, cultural and sociological reference. An alive body of living contents.
CORPO 6 galerie runs a series of performative projects where the music element plays its role in relation to the dynamic of the space and to the open phisicality of the body.
CORPO 6 galerie is a space of music resarch and design production.
CORPO 6 galerie, a 86 square meters space, is located in HB55 Räume der Kunst, Herzbergstrasse 55, Lichtenberg, Berlin.

Hannah Goldstein works mainly in photography, and always on several projects at once. She is drawn to work with archives and concepts of memory, and thus the questioning of authorship. She moves freely in the realms of self-documentary, narrative portraits and staged photography with political headings. goldstein has a B.A in photography and human rights from Bard College, NY. goldstein also has a Meister from the Ostkreuz Schule für Fotografie, Berlin. She is the founder of The Photographic Salon, and co founder of KLEISTER, two curatorial projects in the cityscape. She is also part of the feminist art collective Die bösen Mösen.

April Gertler received her BFA, (1997) at the California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA and her MFA, (2002) at Bard College, New York. April has been based in Berlin since 2005. April’s work, using collage, drawing and photography, has most recently been exhibited in France, Germany, New York and Denmark. Collage is a metaphor of how she goes through her life on many levels. In 2011 she was awarded a crowd-funding grant through Kickstarter to publish her artist book DAMP PATCHES at AML Press in Paris. In 2012 along with Adrian Schiesser, April started the curated social sculptural project, Sonntag – which takes place in a domestic space, bringing together an artist’s work and their favorite cake for a Sunday matinee viewing.

Devil&Bride (melancholic electric guitars + soulful blues vocals ). Fenia Roads and Martin Lynch met on a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gig in 2010 and started working on the existing project. Mostly inspired by bands like The Kills, B.R.M.C., The XX, She keeps Bees and the sounds of friendly musicians. Devil&Bride evolved in early 2012. First, planned as an accoustic-project, they developed melancholic-melodic such as powerful and rhythmic songs, with manic enthusiasm. Soon they realised, that they were missing the nice and powerful sound of an accoustic drum and joined forces with Tim Vile.

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