P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing, 2013

Marie Angeletti, Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry, Flemming Ove Bech, Steven Brahms, Baker & Evans, Asger Carlsen, Bryan Dooley, Maurice van Es, Ryan Foerster, Thomas Hauser, Nico Krijno, Mårten Lange, Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström, Winslow Laroche, Jeremy Liebman, Max J. Marshall and Andrea P. Nguyen, Luke Norman & Nik Adam, Nicolas Poillot, David Schoerner, Anne Kathrin Schuhmann, Daniel Shea, Bill Sullivan, Athena Torri, Hannah Whitaker, Grant Willing

Xerox silicone prints with handmade unique cover
Edition of 400
17 x 23 cm, 56 pages, 48 images
Edit and design by Lodret Vandret
ISBN 978-87-92988-01-0
Published by Vandret Publications

We are fascinated with the pretty, young thing. As images makers we often look for the new or the new to our eye. Then we obsess. An object, a shape or the ’thing-ness’ of a scene is fetishized as the artist wants to posess it and make it his or her own by rendering it in a protographic print.

’P.Y.T.’ is the name and conceptual starting point for a new series of titles from Vandret Publications. For this first P.Y.T. title Vandret Publications is excited to have gathered works from some of the most interesting young image makers working in the field of photography today.

Lodret Vandret

Founded in Copenhagen 2010 by Johan Rosenmunthe and Flemming Ove Bech, Lodret Vandret is a bicephalous initiative showcasing new, lens based art.

Lodret is our non-profit exhibition platform through which site-specific installations negotiate relationships between a given three-dimensional space and featured works of art.

Vandret is an independent imprint publishing editioned works, challenging the form of mainstream art monographs and catalogs bestowing equal value to the exquisitely produced hard cover and things light and ephemeral.

Lodret Vandret has been represented at Copeland Bookmarket, Fruit Fair and Cardiff Publishing Fair, exhibited at the MoMA Library and nominated for Aperture’s First Photobook Award.

P.Y.T. is available at

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