Widephoto Barcelona has just announced two of their interesting events of their 2014 edition: The workshopMoving by night / Resting by day“ with Adam Jeppesen on 30 April and 1, 2, 3, 4 May, and the talkPhotographicness„, between Iñaki Domingo, Valentin Roma and Jon Uriarte, moderated by María Canudas, taking place on 27 March 2014.


In recent years, a number of photographers have been taking new approaches to photography, emphasizing process, digital manipulation and the physical support. Some museums and publications started to focus on this new movement, such as the exhibition “What is a photograph” at the International Center of Photography in New York or the last issue of CPhoto Magazine “Photographicness”. In this talk we will explain the keys to define this new way of understanding photography.


  • Iñaki Domingo, photographer, member of Nophoto collective, founder of the blog 30y3 and publisher of CPhoto Magazine.
  • Valentín Roma: curator and art historian.
  • Jon Uriarte: photographer, teacher and Photobook Club Barcelonaʼs and Widephotoʼs founder.
  • María Canudas, art and photography exhibitions coordinator at Fundació La Caixa will moderate the talk.

This activities will take place at a religious art restoration and production historical family business that is about to close due to the economical and social context. You will find ore information about the business and the reasons of this location at our website.

Practical information
Thursday 27 March 19:00
Reixach-Campanyà, Passeig de Gràcia 117 (Jardinets de Gracia)
RSVP: hello (at) widephotobcn.com
Entrada 3€

Further details can be found on Widephoto:

Workshop: „Moving by night / Resting by day“ by Adam Jeppesen

Date_ 30 April and 1, 2, 3, 4 May
Lenguage_ English*
Where_ La Fragua artist Residency, (Belalcázar, Córdoba, Spain)
Price_ 395€ before the 1st of April – 425€ thereafter
Includes_ Accomodation and breakfasts at Albergue camino de Santiago Belalcazar and four meals
REGISTRATION: javi (at) lafragua.eu

Adam Jeppesen (Kalundborg, Denmark, 1978). His work challenges the limits between documentary and fiction related to nature. His first book – Wake –, published by Steidl in 2008, collects a selection of photographs that Jeppesen took during seven years while travelling working on assignments. He has been nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize and the KLM Paul Huf Award. His work has been exhibited in different countries around the world and is represented by Peter Lav Gallery in Denmark and Galerie van der Mieden in Belgium.

Workshop description
During this intimate and intense four-day workshop that will take place in the surroundings of the artist residency La Fragua, located in Belalcázar (Córdoba, south of Spain), we will be exploring the possibilities of translating the emotional state that the physical landscape creates in us as individuals. In daylight and darkness. Through photography, sculpture, and installation, we will seek out the frontier where one crosses into the next. The workshop will include all parts of the working process, cumulating in the production of final work presented at a local gallery. Dress accordingly. We will be working and sleeping in the outdoors….

Participants info
All the participants must arrive to Córdoba or Belalcázar on Wednesday April 30th evening, the workshop ends at midday Sunday May 4th. Payment methods include Paypal (+4% Paypal payments fee) and wire transfer. All the information about directions, transport options and photographic material will be provided. We recommend Sevilla, Málaga or Madrid airports as closest air destinations if you are coming from Europe, from where a train can be taken to Córdoba.

Further details can be found on Widephoto:
→  www.widephotobcn.com/Workshop-by-Adam-Jeppesen

Widephoto’s Aim

Widephoto is a platform that generates activities whose aims are redefined every year, in order to answer to the most innovative movements of contemporary photography and to the context where they develop.

In the 2014 edition, we would like to contribute with a thought on spaces of and for culture of different levels. In the current photographic context, and in the middle of the photobook boom, we opt to add on to that renewal movement the need of researching and exploring new ideas in spaces where pictures have historically been taken, exhibited and discussed. Most of the cultural institutions working in Barcelona today −although not all of them−, containing these initiatives in previous years, are defined by the impenetrability regarding external proposals and by the inability to give room to creators and sponsors of independent and experimental activities. This position dooms those spaces condemning them to a creative impoverishment, and establishes an increasingly insuperable distance between what occurs inside and what occurs outside these spaces.

At the same time, and due to the current national social and economic context, the city is suffering an unstoppable increase of public facilities and commercial premises falling in disuse. We consider especially noteworthy the continuous trickle of historical businesses announcing imminent closure due to the impossibility of assuming the market price rentals imposed by the new Rental Law. Our streets lose day by day a tiny part of their identity, in the same way cultural spaces lose every day an opportunity to be permeable and integrate new and transforming ideas.

Widephoto 2014 edition gathers all these ideas in the shape of vindication and therefore, all the designed activities will take place in spaces fallen in disuse or in closure process, carefully chosen for their relation to each event. Thus, we can accomplish a double aim: to improvise new spaces for culture, as an answer to cultural institutions impenetrability, and to offer dissemination to empty ­or in course of inoccupation­ spaces for them to be considered and vindicated as historical and cultural heritage of all citizens.


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