Michael Hoppen Contemporary, London
10.06.10 – 17.07.10

Michael Hoppen Contemporary will present the most recent work by rising American photographer Alex Prager. Following the success of her 2008 critically acclaimed exhibit, The Big Valley, the exhibition will stage the continuation of Prager’s Los Angeles narrative, as she contrives the next generation of retro-modern damsels.

Women adorned with wigs and staged in neon Californian landscapes result in timeless, eerie and compelling images. Her large-format Technicolor photographs draw from the cinematic conventions of the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. These visually engaging portraits go deeper than what meets the eye, creating an intriguing and surreal narrative for the women they feature, which hints at a sense of allure and uncertainty.“

Photograph © Alex Prager | „Deborah“ | courtesy Michael Hoppen Contemporary | Digital C-type print


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