„I have been working on this photo series with my Nokia 6300 mobile phone for over 3 years now. Most pictures are taken by night or under bad light conditions. It’s only then that I achieve the desired effect of coarseness and picture noise. This work is strongly related to Berlin, its dark streets, dimly lit bars, crowded clubs and, above all, its people. I chose to work with a mobile phone camera for several reasons:

  1. As there is no possibility to work on camera presets, such as the exposure time etc. I can focus my attention completely on the object. It allows me to react quickly and spontaneoulsy, the only limit is the recording time between one picture and another, which is noticeably longer than the one of a digital reflex.
  2.  Instead of carrying around professional equipment and having to plan every working session in advance, I always have my phone with me.
  3. The phone makes me invisible as a photographer. I am not beeing looked at suspiciously with a mobile phone. It allows me to move freely and unobservedly – indispensable conditions for many of my pictures.

The most important reason though is an aesthetical choice. The graphical resolution of the pictures describes in an almost methaphorical way the essence of many situations: the blur of the contours, the dissolution of the individual, the merging into light and colours.“

→ www.sebastianklug.com

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