Garvan Gallagher – My Way (2010-2011)

Interpreting the word ‘invisible’, a word commonly used by older people about their place in society, is the basis of this body of work. In particular, I am looking at the area of fashion and whether fashion abandons older people or whether older people simply abandon fashion. Choosing a style, each participant put him or herself forward to reinterpret a fashion shoot from Vogue and other fashion magazines, substituting the younger body for the older body. This series of photographs was made while on an artist residency with Draíocht (Blanchardstown, West Dublin). A video piece along with two other photographic series document the participants in more detail, and in particular their thoughts on growing older with fashion.

A short film ‘Where Do You Think You’re Going?’ was also made, which documents some of these personal thoughts on growing older with fashion.

[vimeo 28409069 575 320]

Garvan Gallagher is a lens-based artist working with photography and video, currently living in Dublin. His work is socially driven focusing mainly on aspects of the human condition. His current artistic practice engages with visual concepts around aging. Previous work has focused on the existing social preoccupation around bodily perfection and our constant obsession with youth, glamour and conformity to an idealized body.


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