Stop Making Sense is a series of ever so slightly awkward images, which sit between the lines of peculiar anomaly and quotidian normality. Each photograph is a second look at what we may take for granted in our visual everyday lives. Sometimes simply documenting the ‘hidden in clear view’ oddities of things as they exist, and sometimes looking closer at specific details, recontextualising certain aspects of things outside of the ‘whole picture’.

Maxwell Anderson studied photography at the London College of Communication and graduated in 2009. His most long-standing piece of work has been Absolute Present, an online monthly diary of photographs, which started in 2007 and continues to this day.

Maxwell worked for 3 years as the assistant to photography book publisher and curator Chris Boot.
During that time he produced his first self-published book, See You Soon, and not long after, his second book, Ten Days In July, both under his own imprint Bemojake.
Since Chris left London to be the Executive Director of the Aperture Foundation in New York, Maxwell has established his publishing imprint further, and now produces the work of other artists, and is currently working on his third book, Six Thousand Miles per Second.

In 2011 Maxwell showed the work See You Soon as a solo exhibition in Tokyo, for which he created
a 1 x 21 metre canvas scroll of photographs and wrapped around the entire walls of the gallery.

He has just been announced as one of the winners for the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward award for the series Stop Making Sense.

Maxwell’s work focuses predominantly on what he sees and experiences in his everyday life, exploring his relationships with people, objects and sometimes insects.

For more of Maxwell’s work please visit

For those of you in Berlin, Maxwell participates in this year’s C/O Berlin Book Days (May 25 + 26, 2012), for which he has prepared a small publication with a selection of photographs he has been working on recently, called ‚Work In Progress‚. Stop by his table (Maxwell’s sharing the one with Anne Schwalbe) and say hello!

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